What's in a vow? 
A poorly-kept secret I have is that my favorite type of therapy to engage in is couples therapy. I no longer keep this a secret because I have recongized that it's "ok" to have a preference in therapy in the same way that it's ok for an MD to specialize in neurology by choice. For whatever...
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Appointments Available

We have been fortunate to hire new staff and to bring on new advanced placement MSW Interns. As a result this has given us openings!

You can view information about our staff and request an appointment today! As of now, appointments are available within 1 week!

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I really do need a time out! There is so much going on in the world around us from covid to natural disasters, violence, racism, and more that it can all feel like just a little bit too much. If you are glued to the news or social media, it can feel like it's happening all the time and everywhere. T...

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Fall Updates 2022

What a year it has been! We have had so many changes and we’re excited to announce more upcoming changes. To several of our interns have graduated and we have started several more. In March of this year Catherine Island-Thomas joined our team as an intern, and we are so excited to have her with us. ...

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Fall Updates 2021

We have had so many changes this year alone, and wait for it, all good!

We started several new interns, Lisa Falvey, Stephanie Chapman, Jamie Snell, Taylor Leigh, and Monika Munezero.

We also saw Emily Borsody graduate from an intern and she is now a part time clinician. We also hired another part tim...

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Winter Updates 2020-2021

For many of us 2020 and 2021 has looked and felt different than any year prior. We wanted to take time to say we are all in this together and here's to 2021 being the catalyst of turning things around!

We also wanted to give you a quick update of all of the amazing changes happening here as we usher ...

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Fall Updates 2019

We have expanded to Massachusetts and hired a new staff person, Annette Santiago. Annette is an LICSW, is bilingual and is able to accept most major insurances.

Contact the office to make an appointment!

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Fall Updates

So much is happening at CFTC! We are in the process of expanding to the state of Massachusetts, will be adding more providers in the next coming months, we are officially offering tele-therapy (which is covered by many major insurances), and Maribel has completed her internship. While we are very sa...

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Grief and Loss

Losing a loved one is one of life’s most difficult events to understand. The grief experience can be compounded when the loss is traumatic. While the grief process may look different to everyone, I want to discuss what some people experience, and how you can be supportive to those you know who are g...

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New Intern

We have a New Intern!

We are excited to welcome Maribel Hernandez Drost to our practice!

Here's a message from her:

I am passionate about working with youth and families. I have worked with youth and children in some capacity for over 17 years. I look forward to continuing to work with youth in helpin...

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