Community First Therapy

New Intern

01.05.19 11:02 PM By Charell McFarland

New Intern

We have a New Intern!

We are excited to welcome Maribel Hernandez Drost to our practice!

Here's a message from her:

I am passionate about working with youth and families. I have worked with youth and children in some capacity for over 17 years. I look forward to continuing to work with youth in helping them discover their purpose and passion in life, successfully addressing barriers such as anxiety and depression, reaching their highest potential, and more. Families are the nuclear glue that holds our community together. Families can also contribute significantly towards producing healthy and functioning individuals within our society. I also look forward to working with families in helping them through issues such as depression, anxiety, behavioral challenges, marriage challenges, and divorce just to name a few. I love seeing the lives of those I work with transformed.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, a Master’s degree in Education, and am currently a Master’s level student intern focusing on School Counseling with a certification program in Counseling. I am able to provide therapeutic interventions under the supervision of Charell McKenzie, who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I started interning at Community First Therapy and Consulting in May of 2019. The services I provide are free and are not able to be reimbursed by insurance providers. At this time, I have five slots available for free counseling services provided by me. Also, for those looking for Christian counseling, I am able to provide that service as well.

I am excited to be joining CFT and ready to give back to my community one person at a time!

Charell McFarland